LogRite Skidding Tong with Swivel- Choose Your Size: 16” Or 25”

TS16S / TS25S
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LogRite skidding tongs feature the same geometry as their cant hooks so they bite every time. They are manufactured with a unique saddle design so the points meet in the middle.

They are made from Chromoly (CrMo) steel for increased strength and toughness. So they are lighter and stronger. All LogRite tongs are heat treated and zinc plated to withstand the rigor of skidding logs.

LogRite skidding tongs are designed to grab and hold logs and poles for skidding or dragging.

The swivel with grab hook is designed to be used with a chain and keeps the chain from twisting and reduces log roll.

Available in 16" or 25" maximum opening.

Proudly made in the USA!

Skidding tongs are designed for pulling or dragging.

They are not load rated and should NOT be used for lifting.


16" Tong

min opening: 4.5"

max opening: 16"

weight: 6.5 pounds

length: 22"

25" Tong

min opening: 5"

max opening: 25"

weight: 11 pounds

length: 28"

Color: Silver

Package DImensions: 28.5" x 16.5" x 5.5"

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